Raleigh Magician "KC" Parties For a Living!

Let Him Make Your Party Magical!

No need to worry-- with over 4,000 events of experience, Raleigh Magician "KC" provides tasteful entertainment and proper interaction that will thrill your guests! Since "KC" is a professional full-time entertainer with decades of experience, he can provide a wide assortment of possibilities that will keep people coming back for more.

Don't have time to find all your entertainment needs? The best know the best --let "KC" help you find other performers for your event!

Raleigh Magician "KC" can provide jaw-dropping entertainment for all ages, but specializes in college and adult magic. Strolling or stage, "KC" is an entertainer, first, magician second. Each routine is carefully crafted for maximum entertainment. Many of his competition have a “I can fool you” attitude, while "KC" has a “I can entertain you” attitude, with all the skill of the professional magician and entertainer. Having worked for celebrities such as Michael Jordan and Rock Band “Tool”, as well as many national and local companies, "KC" has the experience to keep you looking good and your guests entertained, whether it is at a cocktail party or a large event. Of course, "KC" will entertain your guests, and backs that up with a money back guarantee.

"KC" grew up in rural Alaska, and is part Alaska native (Thlinget). This has given him a unique outlook on magic, and he can perform magic in a more primitive fashion or in the traditional methods. Watch as things morph and animate in his hands. Laugh with your guests at the unexpected. Call Raleigh magician "KC" Today (919) 971-6115

Magician KC & Parrot Jax
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